GenPipes 2.1.0 Release Notes

A new minor version of GenPipes 2.1.0 is now available.

What’s new?

  • ChIP-Seq pipeline is now up and running. It uses MACS2 (2.1.0), HOMER 4.7 and the available genomes are: UCSC hg19, mm9, mm10, rn5. Please note that as compared to the previous version of ChIP-Seq pipeline, the values ‘1’ for control and ‘2’ for treatment are reversed compared to the old Perl version!

  • PacBio Assembly pipeline upgraded smrtanalysis 2.3.0 to patch 2

  • PacBio Assembly and RNA-Seq pipelines have now a config file for mammouth

  • Module install scripts simplified

  • Fixed bug in RNA-Seq htseq-count

Quick! Where can I find it? I can’t wait!

Compute Canada Servers abacus, guillimin and mammouth clusters are updated with this new release.

The source code is in bitbucket: