GenPipes Support

GenPipes is released as open source software. For details about its license policy, see GenPipes License. The GenPipes developers offer continuous support through GenPipes Google Forum. You can drop an email to the GenPipes Help Desk for any support issues.

GenPipes is sponsored by Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics (C3G). Besides the Google Forum and Help Desk, you can attend C3G Open Door Sessions. This facility is available only to local (McGill University, Montréal) bioinformaticians, students and researchers. You need to fill a form and RSVP in order to attend a session. For details visit C3G Open Door link.

Reporting GenPipes Bug

If you are facing any issues in using or deploying GenPipes, you can report bugs through GenPipes Support Email.


  • Messages should not be sent directly to our team members. The generic e-mail addresses above are viewable by all of us and facilitate the follow-up of your request.

  • Choose a meaningful subject for your message.

  • Include the pipeline version number in your message (and the commit number if applicable).

  • Provide the following information relevant to the problem encountered: the python command, the bash submission script, the output (job_outputs//.o) file,

  • An error message or code snippet illustrating your request is normally very useful.