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This documentation is continuously written, corrected, edited, and revamped by members of the GenPipes community. It is edited via text files in the reStructuredText markup language and then compiled into a static website/offline document using the open source Sphinx and ReadTheDocs tools.

You may also want to refer to the GenPipes New Documentation Architecture Map for more insights on how GenPipes documentation is organized.

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How to contribute to GenPipes documentation?

We are happy to receive your contributions!

Before you begin to make edits to GenPipes documentation, we would strongly recommend that you discuss and share your plans through a GitHub issue with the GenPipes documentation owners, especially for more ambitious contributions. This gives other contributors a chance to guide you in the right direction, provide you with relevant feedback and help you find out if someone else is already working on that part of documentation.

Here are some guidelines to contribute to GenPipes documentation:

  • Familiarize yourself with the organization and structure of GenPipes documentation in terms of how it is laid out at Read the Docs, TOC and information flow. Also, refer to the GenPipes documentation map to understand how the content sources are organized.

  • Use references within the text instead of duplicating information. Use search feature to identify the keyword and their mapping in the TOC.

  • Follow the GenPipes Writing style guidelines while adding or updating content into GenPipes documentation.

  • Before you delete any content, make sure it is not relevant in some user context.

  • Make sure, any content you add is targeted and tailored to the needs of GenPipes audience - new users or seasoned GenPipes users.

References for Sphinx based documentation

  • Using Sphinx and ReadTheDocs for building documentation of Python projects - a very informative reference.