GenPipes Documentation Map

GenPipes has several documents to help users. This document describes how GenPipes documentation is laid out and organized to assist the user, be it a new GenPipes user or a seasoned one, as well as documentation contributor (technical writer, content developer, author) point of view.

If you are a GenPipes user, refer to the User’s map below that will help you know where to look for things. For documentation contributors there is a separate map which provides a high level overview of how the content sources are organized and find your way to editing or updating them for the end user.

GenPipes Documentation User’s Map

This map highlights various sections of GenPipes documentation indicating which ones are targeted at new users and those that are meant for seasoned GenPipes users and developers.


Figure: GenPipes Documentation Map for Users

GenPipes Documentation Contributor’s Map

This map is meant for GenPipes documentation contributors. It highlights the GenPipes source code directories and the documentation components that are generated using sources in the specific folders as shown by the arrows.

The tip of the yellow arrow points to the sub-folder that contains restructured text and markdown files used to generate that particular section of the document visible in the navigation bar.


Figure: GenPipes Documentation Map for Documentation Contributors