Contributing to GenPipes

The GenPipes project team welcomes contributions from the community!

We are thrilled to receive your inputs and try to process them as fast as we can.

There are multiple ways in which you, as a user of GenPipes can contribute.

  1. GenPipes User feedback and inputs related to usage, documentation or issues, if any.

  2. GenPipes Developer inputs in the form of code fixes and new feature requests, forks and code evolutions

  3. Technical Writer contributions in the form of improvisations, new content etc.

GenPipes Developer Contributions

Please refer to the GenPipes Developers Guide for guidelines on how to submit code, make feature requests and change requests into GenPipes sources.

Technical Writer Contributions

If you are a technical writer and would like to submit your contributions for GenPipes documentation, please refer to the guidelines regarding contributing to GenPipes documentation.

Thank you for your inputs!