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GenPipes is sponsored by Canadian Center for Computational Genomics (C3G).

C3G has created a distributed innovation node with broad expertise in bioinformatics. It offers bioinformatics analysis and HPC services for the life sciences research community. These services include customized and case-by-case analysis, along with an extensive suite of software solutions for the genomics community.

Welcome to the GenPipes Documentation!

GenPipes is a flexible Python-based framework that facilitates the development and deployment of multi-step genomic workflows, optimized for High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters and the cloud. It offers 12 open source, validated and scalable pipelines for various genomics applications.


CoVSeq Pipeline - Fighting COVID-19

GenPipes offers CoVSeq pipeline to help researchers sequence and detect mutations quickly to prevent the spread of new strains. See GenPipes CoVSeq Pipeline User Guide, for details.

GenPipes documentation is organized to address the needs of new users as well as seasoned users and contributors. Refer to the Documenatation Map for details on how GenPipes documentation is organized.

Following is the Table of Contents of GenPipes documentation.