GenPipes Quick Start GuideΒΆ

Table of Contents

This guide aims at helping you get started with GenPipes quickly (under 15 minutes!) and locate the information you require to meet any of the objectives listed below:

  • Objective: GenPipes Check List

    Figure out what is needed to run GenPipes in terms of software, hardware, login accounts and other resources. See GenPipes Check List section in Quick Start Guide Table of Contents above.

  • Objective: Familiarise with GenPipes basics

    Understand GenPipes basics, concepts and figure out how it works in order to apply it for your specific genomic analysis use case. See Introduction to GenPipes` and Why GenPipes? section of this documentation.

  • Objective: Choose GenPipes deployment

    Should I deploy GenPipes on my resources or use a pre-installed copy of the same deployed on Compute Canada servers? Refer to Choose GenPipes deployment option section in Quick Start Guide Table of Contents above.

  • Objective: Get Latest GenPipes

    How to obtain the latest copy of GenPipes (sources, pre-packaged build, documentation etc.)? Refer to Get GenPipes section in the Table of Contents above.

  • Objective: Run GenPipes for the first time

    How do I run / execute GenPipes in 3 simple steps? See Run GenPipes section of this guide as shown in Table of Contents above.

  • Objective: Get Help!

    How can I achieve this with GenPipes or I ran into issues - where do I find help? Check out Getting Help on GenPipes above.

  • Objective: Solve commonly known issues in GenPipes Usage

    I ran into issues - is there a workaround or has it been resolved already? For this, you may want to check out GenPipes FAQ or browse GenPipes Channels for more insights.