GenPipes 3.1.4 Release Notes

What’s new?

  • Bugs and issues which were introduced in GenPipes 3.1.3 and causing pipeline crash have been addressed and corrected

  • Latest version of mugqic_tools (v2.2.2) is now used per default by GenPipes

  • Latest version of mugqic_R_packages (v1.0.6) is now used per default by GenPipes

  • MethylSeq pipeline :
    • Differential methylation analysis with ‘methylkit’

  • Improvements of the RNASeq pipeline :
    • StringTie protocol added and set as default protocol : faster than cufflinks

  • Improvements of the RNASeq_llight pipeline :
    • Added a differential analysis step, using Sleuth

  • New released for job tracking on a SLURM scheduler

  • Config files for Cedar, Mp2b clusters are now available for all the pipelines

  • Drafts of config files for Beluga cluster are now also available

Quick! Where can I find it? I can’t wait!