GenPipes 2.1.1 Release Notes

A new micro release of GenPipes 2.1.1 is now available.

What’s new?

  • Complete report redesign! It’s now easier to modify report sections, and we can build partial reports (only using a few steps). Examples of these reports will be deployed on our web site soon.

  • Other than THAT, mostly bug fixes and tweaks:
    • One of these bugs was the rRNA computation using STAR. It was off because of STAR BAM handling by RNA-SeQC

  • Some modules were added or were updated

  • Gorilla_gorilla.gorGor3 was installed in genomes

Quick! Where can I find it? I can’t wait!

Compute Canada Servers abacus, guillimin and mammouth clusters are updated with this new release.

The source code is in bitbucket: